Learn, Develop, Grow.

My work is designed to educate leaders and employees to understand their own attachment codes and how this shows up in their work relations. I assist leaders and employees to become attuned with themselves so that they can understand their reactions in the context of their work environments. Once learning occurs these individuals become skilled at self-regulation. Protest behaviours are reduced and platforms are constructed intentionally for safe and collaborative relationships and partnerships. When people feel safe and connected their creativity is unlocked. Engagement is more likely to occur, and greater productivity is a natural and organic outcome.

In today’s world, corporations face ever increasing challenges to remain profitable and competitive in their field of expertise. Foundational to a successful working environment is the effectiveness of the relationships within it.  It is my belief that the lack of connection and a sense of belonging in corporate relationships is a breeding ground for distress and distrust in the workplace. The lack of emotional safety and security puts additional demands on nervous systems that are already compromised by exceptional personal life, and work life demands.

  • Do you experience cyclical patterns of relational distress in your organization that end in stalemates and employee disengagement?
  • Are you tired of installing new systems and protocols with little success and profit?
  • Are you frustrated by the escalation of stress in the workplace and its fallout on your organization and employees? 

Then my service is the missing piece to assist you in understanding and transcending these issues to secure safe and cohesive workplace relationships for you and your team.