Meet Abby

Abby Napora has a unique ability to see conflict as working material that can be utilized to bring about solutions both in personal relationships and teams. With over 25 years of experience in dealing with human complexities, Abby uses evidence based techniques to assist individuals to understand themselves and others in the context of their environment. Her business, leadership and mediation training come together with her accomplishment in the field of clinical psychology to offer a powerful solution based package for corporate teams.

With her trained eye and her keen understanding of the human psyche, Abby is able to identify the injury and conflict spots in individual and corporate relationships. She works with leaders, managers and employees to become self-attuned so they are able to cultivate safe and trusting relationships in the workplace. When teams are relationally strengthened and anchored, their ability and capacity to take healthier risks increases.  Collaboration improves as they move towards and achieve the vision and goals of the organization.

Through years of leadership exposure and experience, Abby is a specialist with smaller family businesses and with teams upwards of 340 people. She is able to employ her vast knowledge of family attachment histories to support such individuals out of distress and chaos into healthy ways of relating. The ultimate goal being harmonious and productive partnerships.

Abby works nationally and internationally using technology such as Skype and other web facilitated meeting channels as a dynamic tool to advance her work and influence. This way, Abby is accessible to clients and able transcend distance effectively and efficiently.

She recently published a book that has become an affective tool in supporting individuals to address personal growth barriers and achieve the quality of life they desire.

For more insight into Abby’s extensive knowledge and understanding, be sure to check out Introducing Corporate Attachment and The Cost Of WorkPlace Conflict.