There are many different personalities, management styles and unique perspectives ‘at the top’ of not only ours, but all corporations.  Non-cohesive upper management can perpetuate a disconnected workforce.  The need to feel seen, heard, respected and valued is the same, within all levels of a corporation.  That need is present in our boardrooms, our departments, our work groups and our homes too.

Abby’s incredible wisdom, insight and unique talents allow her to quickly align even the most diverse group of individuals to see that connection, respect and honoring the value of our coworkers and ourselves is key to corporate success.

The work our executive group has done with Abby has made a perceptible difference in the cohesion of upper management that should cascade, with time, throughout our organization.  Those of us that had the added good fortune of working with her directly have gained valuable skills and insights that will help us in all areas of our lives.  Thank you Abby!

― Sandy, Executive Assistant