“I sought out Abby’s mentorship at a time when my team and I lacked leadership, efficiency and shared vision.  Through the use of individual sessions and group brainstorming, Abby helped us to re-focus and enliven our individual and team vitality where each member of the team, including myself, felt seen, heard and valued.  We came out of the experience with appreciation of each other’s unique brilliance and a new approach for collaboration.  Thank you, Abby!”

Jenn Business Owner (17 years) – British Columbia, Canada


“I have known Abby for more than 5 years on a personal and professional level. She has a unique ability to analyze and discern quickly the dynamics of any relationship. I engaged Abby’s services for team building on a few different occasions wanting to ensure our team was healthy and focused.

The most recent situation: I could see the team struggling about the change in vision and being poised for growth of our business. Abby was able to meet with my team members. Not only did she identify and diffuse conflict areas, she was able to give them the skills needed to be more insightful individuals. They were able to grow as encouraging and supportive members within the rest of the team. As team leader, I bring Abby in regularly for a team health checkup, and recommend this as essential for any proactive group leader.” 

Dean – business owner (18years) – British Columbia, Canada


“Abby Napora changed the way we see our business and elevated it to a level of higher potential by working and identifying what is blocking us from our success. She is precise, accurate and skillful in delivering real change in ones business. The ROI is tenfold.”

Jessica Business Owner, Entrepeuner – British Columbia, Canada


“Abby is both extremely knowledgeable and professional. She can relate to a wide spectrum of individuals while helping them manage difficult and unique situations. I was very impressed with how equally fair both parties were treated and how effective and positive the outcome was.”

Dan – Business Owner (32 years) – British Columbia, Canada


“Abby was in Scotland for 4 weeks during the summer of 2016. She totally changed me, saved my business and my relationship with my friend who is also my business partner. If it were not for our sessions I may well have thrown in the towel. Abby, spent some time to observe, listen and get to know me. It was very powerful when she took me through my unconscious pain point. I understood why I think the way I think, why I act the way I act and why I was not successful in my business. She met with my business partner and I before her return to Canada. We were able to understand our attachment styles and our attachment triggers. This gave us greater understanding of our workplace challenges. We understand our roles better. Abby will continue to help us from a distance. I will really miss her!”

Chen Business Owner – Scotland, United Kingdom