How much profit is lost by conflict? How much does workplace drama cut into the effectiveness of your organization? 

Bottom line: Conflict is costly.

Workplace conflict cuts into profits and costs companies thousands of dollars yearly as employees frequently call in sick and perform below their capabilities due to a lack of motivation and a sabotaging resign that “nothing will change”. Those affected by workplace drama describe being full of dread about going to work each day.

The greater tragedy is the toll workplace conflict has on employees, their relationships and home life. The analogy of an anthill is useful in understanding the far reaching toxic effects of unhealthy work environments. Ants typically leave the anthill to go out and get food and building material to fortify the anthill much like employees go to work to earn a living to sustain their families and build their lives. Unwittingly, ants will often take material back to the anthill unaware of how poisonous it is and how it will compromise and harm all those housed in the anthill.

Similarly, employees in toxic work settings carry home the toxic elements of anger, uncertainty, distrust, frustration, anxiety, worry and fear.  These are often experienced within their family systems in destructive ways. Marriages and parent child relationships become vulnerable spots where stress shows up. Inadvertently, both the home and work spaces become hostile and unsafe environments for employees and leaders alike. Managers and bosses are not exempt or immune to the toxic emotional overflow. This ultimately affects productivity and creativity. The esteem of the team is lowered significantly as individuals within organizations become discouraged, feel unsafe and go into self-preservation modes. They no longer do more than is expected of them.  They disconnect from the team, diluting the power, strength and the creative capability of the team.

Abby works to stabilize teams experiencing crisis and educates them in how to use conflict as working material to achieve their goals.